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What are the current water rates?

Usage                                      Inside City           Outside City       South Roane 

0-200 CF (MIN)                     $13.07                  $22.85                   $29.77

>200 CF                                   $3.85                    $6.73                     $7.18

What are the current sewer rates?

160% of bill for water service.

What are current gas rates?

Gas rates are determined each month based on a Purchase Gas Adjustment and an ACA.

What are the fees for new service?

There is a fee for new service of $80 for activating water, gas and sewer. The fee is based on one service call, regardless of number of services that are activated.

Is there a deposit required for new service?

We process a credit check with the new account holder. Deposits are based on credit and will be 0-$300. Deposits must be made prior to service activation. Any past accounts owing must also be cleared prior to new service activation.

Do I have to be home for services to be activated?

Yes- we will make an appointment for the activation. Appointments are scheduled for the following business day. Our service workers are instructed to arrive ten minutes prior to appointment time and to wait a minimum of ten minutes after appointment time if no one is at home. If there is a no show by the customer, then it will be rescheduled by the customer through our office. Additional service call may be assessed for a rescheduled appointment or no-show. We do not schedule appointments during the evening or weekend hours.  

Why is my service disconnected?

Services will be subject to disconnection on the day after the payment is due. Notification of cut-off policy is listed on each bill.  No additional notice is sent.

Can I set up a payment plan?

Please contact our billing staff at 354-0163 if you are unable to pay your bill. We will set up a payment plan which will require a minimum payment on balance due plus the payment of current bill each month. If payment plan is not followed, disconnection of services will occur. A customer may only be approved for two payment arrangements within a 12 month period.

Where can I get help paying my utility bill?

The utility has a program administered through Rockwood Ministerial Association called “Warm Thoughts” which provides payment of natural gas payments upon qualification. (Warm Thoughts application) There are also other agencies that may be able to provide assistance in emergency situations. A list of current agencies is available at our billing office.