Rockwood Water Sewer and Gas is managed by a five member Board appointed by Rockwood City Council.

They meet once a month to conduct business.

The meetings are on the fourth Tuesday of every month at Rockwood City Hall at 6:00 PM unless public notice of meeting change is posted.

The current Board members are:

Loren Bone- Chairman
Mark Clem- Vice-Chair
Robert Anderson
Jeff Penley
Joe Moore

The daily operations are managed by the General Manager and total staff of 29 full-time employees:

General Manager                                                                     Kim Ramsey

Finance Director                                                                       Joan Kerley

Natural Gas Manager                                                              John Skidmore

Plant Operations Director/Chief WTP Operator                     Bonnie Fugate

Billing Supervisor                                                                   Paula Gilmore

Wastewater Supervisor/Inventory                                         Jerry Hagler

Distribution and Collection Manager                                    Brian Reed

Operator in Charge- WWTP                                                  Tanner Green

GIS Manager                                                                          Jeremy Jolly