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Current Projects (updated January 2023)

Wastewater Collection Rehabilitation

RWSG received grant funding to complete a system rehabilitation project in 2021 (CDBG).  Data collection is complete and engineering design is underway. RWSG Board has committed to an on-going program to evaluate and improve the wastewater collection system.  The annual commitment includes CCTV, smoke testing and manhole inspection.  The rolling five-year program results in an in depth evaluation of the entire wastewater collection infrastructure every five years.  This program provide the information to program projects in the most needed and most effective locations for the most impact.  Reducing the I & I flow that occurs during wet weather events saves the utility treatment costs and reduces the incidents of overflows or bypasses.

AMI Meter Project

RWSG has authorized and funded the replacement of all residential water meters and the retrofit of all residential gas meters in order to migrate to an AMI system for meter reads.  The new system will import all data from the meters in real time remotely.  This eliminates the need for days of reading meters, allows for office and customers to be alerted to leak situations and makes data available for our customers in their online account.  Due to supply chain issues, the completion date and full implementation is anticipated for spring 2024. This project will improve the accuracy of our metering system, both water and gas.  This project is funded by a bond issue and is scheduled for pay off in twelve years.

New Administration and Operations Center Buildings

RWSG has begun construction on two sites in the downtown Rockwood area.  This project will provide a facility for our administrative staff with a walk-in and drive-through option for customers.  The operation center will give our crews more centralized access to our service area and a more secure facility for warehouse, storage and parking of utility vehicles.  Our clerks are currently located at Rockwood City Hall and our remaining office and operation staff are located at our Church Street location.  Hosaple McCarty is the architects and Jenkins and Stiles is the contractor for both sites.  Both locations will be built at the same time to reduce costs and improve efficiency of the building process.  RWSG staff looks forward to investing in the downtown area and the projects should be completed for a move-in date by summer of 2023.  These projects are funded through a bond issue.

Tom Fuller Park Sewer Extension

RWSG is participating in a project with the City of Rockwood to provide sewer service to Tom Fuller Park waterfront development.  The first phase of project construction began in summer of 2022 and will be completed by May 2023. This is to be funded by an ARC grant, City funds and RWSG Capital Improvement Plan funds.  The second phase will include the replacement of the existing pump station located on Tarwater Street.  This will be needed for the increased flows anticipated due to development.  The funding for this project is undetermined at this time.

Water Plant Rehabilitation

RWSG has an existing water plant consisting of two separate plants, completed in 1958 and 1978.  The plant has a capacity of 6 MGD and production demand currently is approximately 3 MGD.  RWSG has completed a Preliminary Engineering Report, which evaluated the options for the future of the plant.  The first phase of the rehabilitation would upgrade the newest side, including electrical, lab, etc.  The older plant would be eventually taken out of service due to lack of replacement equipment and age of the structure.  When this occurs the plant capacity will reduce to 4 MGD until Phase 2 is implemented.  Phase 2 would include the installation of additional filters in other to regain or expand to 6 MGD+ capacity.  Phase 1 is scheduled for completion by October 2026 and will be funded in collaboration with Roane Central Utility District, City of Rockwood and Roane County utilizing ARPA funds.  The long-range plan includes proceeding with Phase 2 by 2030.    

Lead Service Line Inventory and Replacement Plan

RWSG is currently proceeding with the inventory required by TDEC and EPA to determine the lead service lines located in our drinking water system.  We are completing this work in-house at this time and have applied for grant funding to complete the identified replacements needed.  The inventory is expected to be complete and a plan submitted by August 2024.