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Sewer System relocation- 15” line- end of Front Street

The sanitary sewer system currently has a sewer line located under several building and construction debris. This project is currently under construction by Adams and Sons, Inc.  As of September 1, 2016, they are on schedule and approximately 85% complete.  This project will prevent a failure from occurring in one of our main trunk lines and eliminate a significant source of infiltration and inflow.  Contract cost is $417,484.00.

Clarifier Sludge Piping Repair at Rockwood Wastewater Treatment Plant

This project is necessary due to a failure of an original line in the oldest section of our plant (dating back to 1950’s).  Southern Constructors, Inc. won the bid and will begin work in mid- September.  The project award is $94,000.  We expect this project to be completed and functioning before the end of the Fall season.  This failure has not affected the compliance of the plant to date.

Disinfection Project at Water Treatment Plant

The utility is changing its disinfection process at the water treatment plant from chlorine gas to sodium hypochlorite chemical feed.  The current disinfection system was outdated and difficult to continue to maintain; therefore, we explored other alternatives.   The new system will be a safer process for our employees and will still provide excellent disinfection at our plant.  Gilispie Construction Enterprises, Inc. was awarded the bid for this project at a total cost of $152,000.  We anticipate this chemical process to be in service by October 2016.

Filter Maintenance at Water Treatment Plant

RWSG will be contracting for the cleaning and replacement of the filters within the plant. Preliminary work to determine the course of action has been completed and the project should proceed in the Fall of 2016.

SCADA system installation within distribution and collection system

RWSG has been implementing the installation of SCADA technology at our water tanks and water distribution pump stations. The installation on the tanks has been completed and the installation at the pump stations is ongoing.  This will reduce costs, allow faster response, and reduce outages for our customers.

Mapping of facilities and development of a GIS system

RWSG is working closely with consultants to accurately map all of our facilities. This information will save time and money for ratepayers due to increased efficiency and response in emergency. It will also be utilized to determine necessary maintenance and upgrades within the system.