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Update to flood damage

RWSG has worked diligently over the last three days to mitigate the damages that occurred due to the flooding in our area.  We experienced overflows, bypasses, water breaks and service outages.  We have been distributing water to those affected residents yesterday and today to make sure our customers are safe.  The outage for water is due to a road failure on Winton Chapel that results in a main line break.  Unfortunately, the line cannot be...

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General Manager Update

I am pleased to see the beginning stages of our investment in the downtown area of Rockwood!  RWSG has purchased three lots at the corner of Front Street and West Rockwood Street in order to construct an office building for our billing/administrative staff/mapping staff.  RWSG has contracted with an architect and is currently designing the site for construction. One building is currently demolished and the former Junior’s restaurant will be...

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